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WARNING: Exercise Is Not For Everyone

Contradicting the Experts: Most of the so-called experts will tell you that exercise is good for you at any age and will aid in making you more healthy and even fight depression. They will tell you that no matter what your situation is, exercise combined with good eating habits is what you need. I disagree. Exercise, and even choosing goodRead the Rest…

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Make Any Beachbody Fitness Program Work For Your Schedule Or Fitness Level

Intimidated By Beachbody Programs? Most Beachbody home fitness programs ask for a grueling 5 or 6 day per week commitment, and the most popular programs are advertised as extreme. For the beginner in fitness or someone who might consider himself or herself as extremely unfit, the thought of taking on a Beachbody fitness program can be daunting. It doesn’t haveRead the Rest…

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Exercise: Know Your Limits For Best Gains Overtraining Means Under Performance

Know Your Limits Exercising beyond your limits can lead to injury, frustration, and even a loss of progress towards reaching your goals. Think about it. If you are too sore to exercise because of a previous workout you just lost an opportunity. If you injure yourself you could be out of the gym for weeks, and end up turning yourRead the Rest…

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A Government That Doesn’t Make Sense

To Our Health? I would like to take a moment to deviate from personal health issues with this article and rant a little about the health of our country and the mental stability of its leadership. I will be the first to admit that I am not a big follower of government, but you do not have to dig intoRead the Rest…

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Getting Past Gym Intimidation With Home Fitness

Gym Intimidation For some people, the thought of working out in a public gym can be very intimidating. For a person who is embarrassed by their current shape or fitness level, this intimidation can be even stronger. The picture in one’s mind when visualizing a public fitness center is often that of perfect bodies covered in sweat. Those with farRead the Rest…

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Home Fitness Options With Beachbody Fitness

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of speaking to a doctor before beginning a workout and/or diet program. This is your life we are talking about, and if you have any underlying conditions that could affect your health you need to know this before selecting an exercise program. It does not necessarily mean that you cannot exercise, but it mightRead the Rest…

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